“OpenBeauchef is an open ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship of the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics of the Universidad de Chile.  

The OpenBeauchef program sets out to transform the Beauchef campus into an open ecosystem center of innovation and entrepreneurship based in scientific and technical world class knowledge, while providing support for effective solutions to the problems that hinder the societal development, and supporting efforts to obtain a production of high added value, the creation of more sophisticated jobs and a better quality of life for the inhabitants of our country, positioning them within the global society of knowledge […]

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Gerencia de Innovación y Emprendimiento

The Management is part of the OpenBeauchef ecosystem and it is in charge of developing and directing the back-office (or tactic management). It manages the scientific-technological base initiative portfolio and supports teams to jump from invention to innovation; that is, to achieve being able to be inserted in the society in order to improve the quality of life experienced by people.



Innovation and Entrepreneurship Laboratory of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile. 

It is oriented to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurial abilities. It is constituted as an agent creating and executing experiences which allow strengthening scientific-technological projects. Here, different actors from the university, state, business, entrepreneurial and risk capital world join together and participate.

Fablab U. de Chile

It is a 400 mt2 digital fabrication open laboratory, where different disciplines converge on both the fabrication of prototypes and the experimentation with materials. It has a great variety of fabrication tools, such as CNC Routers, 3D printers and 3D scanners. Free trainings on the use of technologies, and consultancies on design and fabrication of products and devices are performed at the laboratory. The FabLab houses projects and entrepreneurships.



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